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My Self Tanning Routine + Best Tanning Products

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Over the last couple of years, I have become a firm believer in self- tanning products. It clearly helps with aging and your health so I'm all for it. I started out getting a professional spray tan every week then I switched to getting them at Sun Tan City and I got quickly got tired of that and wasn't always happy with my application. I decided after doing my research I would start doing it myself and I'm so glad I did. People think its way more complicated than it is but its fairly simple. I have my favorites and I have tested them all (A LOT) so I thought I would save you some time and money by sharing. It took me a while to find some decent affordable products but after many trials and error, I have found my holy grails. I have my favorites for different times and occasions but once you get the hang of self- tanning it should only take ten minutes or so. Some can take time to develop and leave a mess and others not so much. I literally self-tanned myself the night before my wedding and it took no time. It's important to note it also saves your skin and could save your life. Hopefully, this article will come in handy for some of you.

#1 My go-to self-tanning product is St.Moriz. Not to be confused with the St. Tropez. It’s the same consistency and last a good week or so when applied correctly. One bottle of this will last me 3-4 applications maybe more. My biggest piece of advice is to use the mitt that they sell or go to Ulta and stock up. I've linked one at the bottom as well because if you're like me I do most of my shopping online once I find a product I like. Without the mitt, your tan will be obvious and not as smooth. You will no doubt have a few streaks, missed spots, and your tan will be inconsistent. Buy the mitt… Trust me.

#2  Loreal self-tanning wipes. I always have these in my cabinet because I use them all the time especially in a time pinch. I've found myself many times pale on a trip but I don’t want to take the time to self-tan or let anyone else know I'm doing so if I'm sharing a house. Our last family trip to Orlando is a perfect example. I flew down after work on a Thursday and didn’t have time to worry about self-tanning. I popped over to Target and quickly wiped my tan on after showering. Done and done. Two wipes cover your entire body including your face without the mess or smell. You can purchase the medium color at any drugstore, Target or Walmart but if you want the dark shade you must purchase from Ulta or online.

Loreal Tanning Wipes
#3 I also like the Loreal spray as well but this one takes practice. I love this color and consistency. Some people disagree but this one leaves a great finish if you apply properly (WITH THE MITT). I only use the dark shade in the Summer because I hate when its obvious and I'm crazy dark in the winter compared to everyone else. I prefer to have a light glow most of the time because the pale skin has made a comeback.

Loreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Mist

#4 Quick Tan. I stumbled upon this one just trying new products out and reading reviews. This one applies amazing and  I love the color it leaves. I have a Sallys next to my home so it's very convenient for me but you can buy online as well. This product DOES MAKE A MESS. Ask my girlfriends about my towels in the bathroom after using this one. 

As I wrote this I started searching for one of my favorite touch up items that seems to be discontinued. Nars used to have a tanning mouse that was very similar to Sally Henson's mouse but it was very pigmented, smooth, and was waterproof. I cant find it anywhere but I loved this for touch-ups on bikini trips where you might be in water/chlorine. Self-tanners do fade more quickly when exposed to chlorine. I used this product while in Vegas on a bachelorette trip for touch-ups after being by the pool all day. I don't have anything to really advise you to use as of now but I'm looking at the moment. I'm also looking into tanning oil drops to add to your own skincare lotion or moisturizer. I'm still undecided at the moment on how I feel about those but I will update once I try a few.

Quick tips-
Exfoliate, shower, and shave before. This will ensure your tan last longer. I use a loofa and body wash but you can use sugar scrub or exfoliating products if you like. I also use my Clarisonic on my face prior so I don’t need to exfoliate on my face for a few days afterward and this allows my tan on my face to last a tiny bit longer. The face typically doesn’t hold a tan as long just because of makeup and removing makeup daily.      
I try to make my tan look like I didn’t self-tan so less is more and you can add as you go instead of just applying heavy initially.
If you have a mess up or find streaks you can remove with makeup removing wipes. Yes, it works but be careful and be sure to rub evenly and try to blend where you are touching up. I always try to wash my hands afterward and blend my wrist, hands, and fingers well with a wipe. I use the same wipe for all over because it doesn’t take much. If you need to go back and add a light application- I use the leftover on my mitt and it works great.
If you find yourself with a terrible mess try to shower immediately, exfoliate, use the makeup wipes and as a last resort try lemon juice or an actual lemon. The acid in the lemon will remove most of the tan but it is very drying on your skin.
Last but not least-MOISTURIZE. The more moisturized your skin is the longer it will last. Your skin won't exfoliate or shed as bad if you have more moisture.

There you have it! I hope this helps some of you with your self-tanning! If you have any other tips and tricks feel free to leave in the comments below. I'm always looking for new affordable products!

Tanning Mitt



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