Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bridal shower favors

Looking for the perfect bridal shower favor?  I'm recently married (three days in) and I have had my eyes on a few over the past few weeks. I purchased some personalized chapstick from Etsy for my own bridal shower. Another favorite I used to ask my bridesmaids and maid of honor to be in my wedding was koozies. I made my own personal cards like the ones you find on Etsy for much cheaper.. I just had to get creative and use Microsoft word and some cool paper and card stock I had.I am currently making some favors for our rehearsal dinner with candies and mesh organza bags then adding tags. We are also doing koozies as a wedding favor for our guest. I've rounded up my top 10 favorite bridal shower favors to make your search a little easier! I'm loving everything from personalized stemless wine glasses to affordable snacks and candies. See below to find what fits your fancy.

“Mint To Be” – what a smart wedding favor ideas. To see more: http://www.modwedding.com/2014/05/12/unique-wedding-favors-ideas/ #wedding #weddings #favor Featured: BabyEssentialsByMel:
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-Want a cheaper option..Try tic tacs and just order some cute labels. Super quick too.
2.Nail polish
Nail polish bridal shower favors.  See more bridal shower favor ideas at www.one-stop-party-ideas.com:
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3.Chapstick (My favorite because its easy and everyone can use this)
unique wedding favor ideas - personalized chapstick:
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4. Koozies (Another favorite I used for Bridesmaids and wedding favors) 
BRIDAL SHOWER GIFT OR FAVOR Black and White Stripes Pink Roses Bridal Shower Can Drink Soda Cooler Koozie Cozie  #bridalshower:
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Deck out your bridal party with these whimsical bridal party sunglasses! Include these ultra-fun shades in your thank you gifts for a beach, outdoor, or destination themed wedding.:
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For lady geast only!  Sorry mom to be..:
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7.Wine glasses
bachelorette party glasses | ... glasses- great for the wedding party, shower or bachelorette party:
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8.Hair Ties (Very affordable)
Personalized Bachelorette Party Favors | Hair Tie Favors | Party Favors | Personalized Favors | to have and to hold your hair back:
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9.Seeds or mini plants

10.Candy or snack (Another option where you can just order some labels and purchase packaging at local stores).
I love these for my bridal shower!:
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All pics are from Pinterest and links are below each item if you would like to view or possibly purchase. 
I would love to know of any other favorites you ladies have or even pics if you have them. I hope this gives you ladies some inspiration. 


Friday, May 5, 2017

Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

First I would like to say and brag a little about my "LDR" (Long distance relationship).We have been together for 2.5 years and we are exactly 1 week away from our wedding which is pretty amazing if you know our story but I wont make this post about that today. We have had our struggles but this article is more so on how to survive one. My fiance Scott is from Toronto Canada and I am in Nashville TN. This is not just a normal "LDR" relationship, we are literally in different countries but luckily for us all the stars and timing lined up right which is pretty important.  People ask us all the time how have we have made it for over two years and what it takes. Trust me when I say it wasn't always easy and Scott is mostly the reason why it has worked and I will admit that I am the difficult one. The points I'm going to make have worked for us and might help someone else, so feel free to chime in with any suggestions or questions.
1.Be realistic..I will say the "LDR" is not for the weak. Do not try this if you know this type of thing is not for you or you know you have trust issues and the relationship is just a fling. Someone can tell pretty early on or most can if the relationship and person are worthy of this time and effort. Don't waste your time on people who are not the one or just a fling. I see this time and time again and I can never understand people who waste time with the wrong people.
2.Trust- If you know you have trust issues or you struggle with this.. DON'T even try. It will never work until you work this issue out with yourself. You have to have a good foundation of trust to make it work or even make it last.
3.Timing- I have always believed love and relationships can only work with the right timing. Even if the love is a storybook/magical type of love it will never work if both individuals do not have their life together or both are not ready to be in such a relationship.
4.Compromise- I struggle with this one in every day life and in my "LDR".. Relationships in general are HARD so you have to be willing to compromise A LOT. Make the effort, move your schedule around, change your routine, etc. 
5.Get Creative- You will have to get creative if you want to keep both people happy and satisfied. Personally I am ok with a face time and/or phone call when needed but some people need more than that. Watch movies together at the same time, literally (Scott likes to press play at the exact same time so we are at the same parts). Play games, read the same book, etc.  Scott and I still do this even when we are apart a week at a time because it keeps us connected. He favors face time more than I but we compromise and that is why it works. 
6.Communicate- Speak up if you want or need something. Plan ahead and make time for each other and time to see each other or be there for certain important dates. Scott and I always plan out our days/schedules with whats going on in our lives. Example being holidays, events, birthdays, etc. Another way to keep things interesting and communicate is to write letters, cards, making homemade items etc. Scott and I both got really creative in the beginning with these types of things.I purchased so many items from Etsy in the beginning because they had so many cute gifts for long distance dating. This key chain below is very similar to one I purchased Scott for his birthday and I was so terrified it was too much but he loved it. If you knew me you would know its super hard for me to be vulnerable or mushy. This was a huge step for me and us in our relationship.
Link to shop

I also purchased same other cool gifts for him like a coffee cup with our countries connecting with a dotted line and plane. See below for details.

7.Pick your battles- Don't fight over silly things, they are just not worth it. This rule stands for all relationships. Again I struggle with this one but I think this comes with age and maturity.
8.Expect it to be hard and try to prepare yourself for the uphill battle and be patient. These types of relationships are hard but very much worth it if you're with the right person.
9. Enjoy your time you do have together and spend it wisely.
I would search the internet and Pinterest for cute ideas and things to do for Scott.. I mailed him cookies in a cute tin mailbox, made him a long distance card (inspiration from Etsy again), there are so many cute and clever things you can do to keep it interesting and fun. I would suggest checking on shipping before hand as it can get pricey. This pic below is from my Instagram of a card I made Scott.I will be making a diy post later but for now I used google maps for our location, some craft paper, glue, scizzers, and made this little card. They are a little too pricey for me on Etsy so I made it instead. Any craft store will have all the materials you need.

10. Know the long term goal and keep your eye and head on the goal. This is pretty important and will get you through the rough times and days. If you are confused on the relationship or have no idea where its going, what is the point. Another general rule of thumb for relationships but especially "LDR" ones. 
Scott and I have somehow mastered our schedules and routines on most days because it works for us and our personality traits. I realize not many or all people can do this. Scott's job requires him to travel A LOT and I am an only child who can entertain myself and I'm fully independent and self efficient. I am a recruiter and talk to people all day everyday so I don't mind quiet time or doing things on my own, he loves people, talking, and being around people with his job. It just works and we trust each other, We communicate as much as possible and make the most of our time and schedules. We knew each other years before we ever actually went on a date and got to know each other long before we dated and took our time so that could have played a huge role in it as well. Neither of us are one to rush or settle for anything less. We were never in a hurry or rushed the relationship. Its all relative to the people involved and personality traits.
 I honestly feel like I hit the jackpot with Scott and it works mostly because he is just an amazing guy and the universe just allowed everything to work out perfectly. If you're in a "LDR" I would love to know what works or doesn't work for you. I know the struggle so don't hesitate to reach out. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Mascara Monday

Happy Monday ladies... I wanted to start this week off with one of my staples in my makeup bag and a staple for Mondays as well.I think I can speak for most women when I say we all need mascara even if you dont wear a lot of makeup. When talking about Mascara, its pretty easy for me as I have two holy grails I have used for years and I can never find anything that comes close. Every blogger that I have followed through the years say the same and that is how I initially found these products. A lot of those same people now only wear high end products so I thought I would share the best one and a dupe(in my opinion).My two favorites are Too Faced "Better Than Sex" and L'Oreal Voluminous.They are very different in the price category but they basically do the same thing. If you are on a budget you would obviously go for the drugstore mascara. I love makeup and high end products but I also love saving money so that is why I tend to go for both of these. I usually wear L'Oreal as my go to during the work week then the better than sex for nights out or a special occasion. If I have something major going on I will usually throw some Ardell lashes on and some light mascara. 
                                           Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara at $23.00
                                           L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara at $8.00

The number one difference in these products are the price points. Depending on your budget this can be a deciding factor.

-Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 
You can purchase this product at any Ulta or Sephora. This will be on the pricier side but people have been raving about this since it came out a couple of years ago. This is a fan fave of everyone and I doubt anyone will be disappointed with this. The only downside to this mascara is the clumping and you have to be very careful when applying not to get any clumps. You will also get a lot of fall out through out the day or flaking. 

-L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara 

You can get the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara at any drugstore or retailer that carries L'Oreal. I ALWAYS have this in my makeup bag. Makeup artist, celebrity's, many bloggers and vloggers rave about this. You will get the most value out of this one. I feel like L'Oreal Voluminous is a dupe for the Too Faced "Better than Sex". The downside about L'Oreal is... it has a lot of left over product on the brush. TRUST ME when I say you will need to clean off the extra residue left over on the brush. You will only need one coat with the L'Oreal product. They are not playing when they say its carbon black. It is insanely pigmented. This will also make the product last longer so you can look at it either way.

Both products have thick brushes but the Too Faced is a little more curved. They both give lengthening and volume.  I always get compliments on my lashes with both products when I take the time to properly apply the right amount. The work week is a struggle for me so sometimes I have very little on during the work days.
If you have tried both of these let me know your thoughts and if you have any other products that are just as good I would love to find something similar.Its really hard for me to go outside of these products because I love them so much.Have a great week everyone and make sure those lashes are nice and full. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

All Natural Deodorant Review

Happy Sunday Ladies! I have been using some new products on and off for awhile now but I finally found one I love so I wanted to share because the struggle is real when looking for a better/healthier deodorant that actually works and smells decent. I started doing some research last summer while looking into better skincare. I realized how bad deodorant and sunscreen can be for us and what the ingredients actually do long term or can cause. Its no secret deodorant and sunscreen are both linked to cancer. I still struggle on really hot days and sometimes go back if I need to here and there but over all I feel if I can incorporate these products into my daily life its better than using them every day and the chemicals going into my body and bloodstream are significantly less. I tried three different ones after doing my research. I quickly learned the cheaper ones DO NOT work but I did include one on here just in case someone wants to try and spend less money. This post will be about All natural deodorants but I will have an upcoming  post about sunscreen as well so stay tuned if you are looking. I hope if anything this will save you some time, maybe some money, and most of all help incorporate some healthier products into your lifestyle. 
So I have done the dirty work so you can get on with your day to day life. I tested some of the most popular brands of all natural deodorants on a couple measurements; 1. Smell 2. How strong they are (after working out, work days, and just normal day to day life) 3. Texture on your skin, and 4. Prices. For all of these, I have listed my top 3 that I like in all different areas. I hope this helps save you time, your health, and the awkwardness of having stinky body odor. Here are my Top 3 all natural deodorants. 

1. KTO

Finally - Natural Deodorant That Works – KTO:

Price- $11 dollars and you can get a coupon by signing up for emails, and this product is sold in some Target and Whole Food locations on the east coast.
This product was truly amazing from the beginning I opened and smelled. It wins in every category...smell, texture, and lasting power. This product is not terribly expensive but its roughly double the price of a normal deodorant. I would describe the smell as something you would smell or find in a spa. There is somewhat of green tea smell to it in my opinion. If you want one that works, smells great and saves your time and money go for this one. 
From the Website....
Kelly Teegarden is a stage III Thyroid Cancer Survivor who passionately formulates Skincare & Cosmetics with no known cancer causing or endocrine disrupting ingredients. KTO is the first brand in the USA to be scientifically proven to have no endocrine disruptors. KTO also fills the void in the skincare industry by catering to the discriminating cancer prevention consumer looking for a natural, non toxic way to enhance their beauty.

2. Piper Wai
Price - $11.99 with a monthly prescription.

You have likely seen this on the popular show Shark Tank. I had high hopes for this product and it was sent from a friend who is very healthy and has a healthy lifestyle. This product was OK to me but didn't compare to KTO. A couple reasons... the product is in a jar but they did recently release a stick version, the product only last about 4 hours, it does smell great and that was one thing I loved. Over all I would say dont waste your money unless you can clean your under arms every four hours and re-apply.

From the Website....
It all started when Jess Edelstein decided she’d had enough of the struggle with harsh, chemical ingredients in typical deodorants that irritated her sensitive skin. There had to be better way to stay dry and odor free. So she set out to invent her own formula from completely natural ingredients that aren’t “powder fresh” and wouldn’t burn or rash. She found the answer in her own kitchen mixer, using activated charcoal, essential oils, and natural moisturizers.
To test it out, she shared it with her best friend Sarah Ribner who took it on a trip to South America. It held up trekking through the hot and humid weather, and by the end of her trip, Sarah was a believer.
Sarah and Jess banded together to share PiperWai with the world so that anyone seeking a natural, gentler alternative to their daily essentials could finally find it.
Newly released from the company is  the stick version-
-Price- $16.99

3.Toms of Maine 

Tom's Of Maine Natural Deodorant Aluminum Free Mine Woodisplayice - 2.25 Oz - Case Of 6:
Price-$5 dollars or less. The reason this product makes the list is because Toms was the first one I tried and is the easiest on the budget. This product has easy access as well if you are looking for something quick or in a local store. This product was an absolute NO from the beginning. You can get your money back if you dont like the results with the money back guarantee. I would describe the smell similar to patchouli, texture is gritty and it doesn't last or smell good whatsoever by the end of the day. You will be a sweaty stinky mess with this. The only plus is the price point. 

From the Website...
At Tom's what makes our products good is how we make them with no artificial fragrance or preservatives and no animal ingredients or testing, ever. This effective line of long-lasting, aluminum-free, deodorant sticks uses odor-fighting hops to provide 24-hour odor protection to help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day, while the natural fragrance helps you smell and feel your best!

So there you have it. If you want to save some time and you're looking for something healthier that smells great I would just go straight for KTO. If you want to save some money then Toms would be the cheapest but I would consider looking for some alternatives in that price range. Another option I was considering if KTO didn't work was a brand called Native. I love everything about KTO so I didn't feel the need but it is another option with great reviews. This post was NOT sponsored by KTO, I honestly just wanted to spread the word if anyone else is considering or wanting some helpful advice. If anyone else would like to leave suggestions please do. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DIY State Art Project


  • Wooden board                                                               
  • Stain (Dark)
  • Old t-shirt or brush
  • String 
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Super glue
  • Tweezers 
  • Small scissors  
  • Ruler 
    1. Visit your local craft store or Home Depot/Lowes to get your wood.
    2. You will want  a wood board with less flaws in it if you prefer that look. I used the birch wood becasue I liked the look of it better.
    3. Have someone cut the size accordingly to whatever you are going for. My project was a larger one but I still needed it trimmed just a bit.
    4. Staining is the easiest part and shouldn't take too long. I used an old shirt instead of a brush just becasue I feel it is smoother and there isn't any spots that look uneven. I placed two coats by dipping my shirt in the stain, You will want to use some gloves here or you will end up with messy nails. After dipping the shirt just smooth over the entire board, all edges and sides. You dont want to miss any spots and the wood is sometimes uneven so keep this in mind. Let dry for at least 4 hours or more. I let mine dry over night with each coat. 
    5. Download a free state pattern from the Internet. I used a poster website that let me put in my dimensions. 
    6. Enlarge as needed.
    7. Position your enlarged state print out onto your wooden board. Tape the edges in a few places just to hold it still while you begin adding nails.  
    8. Hammer nails into the pattern along the state outline. Nails should be approximately ½-inch apart. THIS took the longest and I wont lie...my fiance ended up helping me because it is tedious and my hands are small so I gladly accepted his help.
    9. Draw a small heart in the general area of the state to represent the city. 
    10. Hammer around the outline of the little heart. This heart should be the anchor point for the strings and place this where your home town is. It doesn't have to be in this exact place but this makes it a little more personal. You could always just place it in the middle if you like that look better. You will want your spacing to be wide enough here because I quickly found out its pretty tight if you dont and this heart has to hold strings around the entire shape of the state. I ended up doubling up on several and had to go back several times to even it out. 
    11. Remove the paper state pattern from the nails. You no longer need the pattern, so don't worry if it rips.You can clean up any leftover strings with the tweezers. Sometimes the paper is stubborn and doesn't want to come out. This step is easier done before string is placed but you can go back and clean up if you need to. 
    12. Choose one nail as a starting point and tie a strand of string to a nail and add a little glue to the knot. From here you will stretch the string to a nail on the heart. Loop it around the heart nail then stretch it back to the nail next to your starting point. Be careful not to stretch the string too tight that your nails may bend, but make sure you keep it tight enough that it doesn't look uneven with others.
    13. Continue this process around the the outline of the state to the heart, back and forth. You will probably find that you need to go over nails on the heart more than once in order to keep your strings looking uniform. This is simply because there are a lot more state outline nails than there are heart nails.
    14. Continue until you have completed the entire state. Be sure to always add glue whenever you start and end a string with a knot. Allow the glue to dry completely.
    15. Once everything is dry and complete you can go back and clean up any extra string on knots or leftover paper in nails. I signed the back of mine with a personal note. 
  • You can add some string and a hanging hook from the craft store as well if you plan on hanging this up on the wall. Enjoy!

Side Note- The bottom part of the State could have been a little cleaner but this is very hard to do with this state so I left it as is. Most people wont be able to tell and there are several ways to do it. You can make the bottom of the state very square or round and I just decided to stick with the round on this part.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hi friends!

Welcome to my first blog post. I've been following blogs for about 5 years and last year after doing some modeling for years, promos here and there, then brand repping I decided to set a goal to have one within a year and well here we are. I also got engaged within this time period so that slowed me down a bit with wedding planning (oops).

My name is Tabitha, I'm a fiancé, daughter, recruiter, animal lover, southern born and raised, engaged to a Canadian who keeps things interesting, and I occasionally love a good football game during the fall.
Some things I love
People in general, my fiancé and family always come first in life. Its not uncommon for me to talk to my cousins, aunts, mom, and mother in law to be on a daily basis.
My Job
I'm a full time recruiter for a financial planning company and I am in charge of doing all the interviews, phone calls,  training, etc. I love my job for many reasons but mainly because of the tools and outlet it gives me to interact with people and learn something new everyday. I am constantly challenged.

-You can find me in target at least once a week for hours. I have one within walking distance to my home with a Starbucks inside so this is an easy time killer for me if I'm bored.
-I like most females love to shop but since I started working in finance I love to save as much as possible so it is likely you will see some money saving tricks if you come back to visit. I find great happiness in finding great deals and saving money. Its almost a game to me. Some favorites of mine are any boutique stores online, TJ Max, Lilly Pulitzer(if on sale) any bikini store, and I will occasionally visit consignment stores for fun.

-I enjoy the occasional arts and crafts project when I have time. I love making something personal for people if I can.

-To do list control my life.

-I hate working out but I see the value in it so I will occasionally do a lazy girl workout... Nothing serious. I tend to workout more when the weather is nice. 

-Animals are everything to me. I have two dogs and one I recently rescued from a kill
Photo credit
-My Fianc'e happens to be amazing at taking pics so I have to give him credit here. He is that guy. 

Favorite Places

I love the beach and have seen and traveled to many in my life so I am now focused more on culture and history when I travel. I prefer to visit somewhere I have never been. I love getting new stamps in my passport. I wouldn't  say I'm an avid traveler but I love to go a couple times a year and visit at least one new country. That is my goal at least. If I can get some history, shopping, and sun in one trip I am a happy girl. I have been visiting Canada more often in the past two years so I get my fair share of the cold and snow but I do love it. I'm very fortunate to get to visit different coast and areas thanks to my fiancé. I have grown to love the mountains and snow since Scott and I started dating.. (more on that later).
 My why
This site is just a place for me to share and interact with like minded people. Even if you stop by just to look you are doing me a favor. Feel free to comment like or share if you want. I will be talking about my F*A*V*O*R*I*T*E*S, everything going on right now with wedding planning, some LIGHT politics, money saving tricks, and I might even talk about my life during college and my orange shorts experience. We shall see. :) I look forward to sharing it with you.