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Hair Extension Review

UPDATED AS OF 12/26/2020
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Hidden Crown Halo VS Sally's Euronext clip-ins 

I have been wearing hair extensions for about ten years now so I've had my fair share of them and I've found my favorites after many trial and errors. I've had the fused extensions and beaded all done at the salon.... I've had several brands from Sally’s over the years and then I ran across the lovely Halo from Hidden Crown. I had become tired of repurchasing extensions from Sally’s that only last 6 months if you get lucky and I’m not into going to the salon every six weeks or so for the touch-ups. Sally’s clip-ins are more than half the price of the higher end extensions that last longer and look better. To me, extension's are an investment and I'm used to wearing and having them complete my look. Once you have them it's just hard to go with out. If you're a blonde you know the struggle of growing your hair out. If you go with the cheap brand it will show, it will show even more if you don't take care of them and try to wear them longer than you should. There’s nothing wrong with wearing clip-ins just be sure to replace them when needed and take great care of them. You don't want to be the girl with thin uneven fried extensions in the room. (Sorry) If you have ever used a Sally brand of clip ins you will know the struggle of the time it takes and of-course the low quality for the price you pay. I started researching the weight grams one night with other companies and realized pretty quickly the best bang for your buck and reviews all lead me to Hidden Crown. I'm currently on my second Halo and I can honestly say I don't know how I ever lived without this thing. It takes me literally five minutes to throw it in and it always looks amazing. Take a look at the video at the bottom and you will immediately be sold.
Note: All opinions are my own as usual. I’m just sharing a great beauty secret that I think many struggle with. This little beauty find made my life so much easier.

I am wearing my halo here in the shade 60/8 and I have the 20' piece, I take mine to my hair dresser and have her cut layers in it to match my hair style. If you are looking for more volume than length I would suggest getting the 14' or 16' so you can cut how you like. I also have a second piece I wear in the 16' inch more for simple every day looks. 
Hidden crown pictured above in both photos.


Hidden Crown Halo price- 20’ $350. This piece is more pricey and ranges depending on which item you pick. The longer and heavier the hair the more pricey the hair will be. If you price out other crowns or even clips- ins, this is the best bang for your buck. I usually go for the longer ones but the shorter crowns are a little less expensive. The layered crown with the 20’ is $449. Personally I would have my stylist cut layers to match my own hair and save you some cash. I know this sounds like a lot if you don't wear extensions a lot or even if you usually wear clips ins. I’ve worn them all and this is the best option for me and a happy medium with time, money, maintenance, and general wear and tear on one's hair. I always go with the longer ones just because they will get stringy or worn eventually and a little trim goes a long way. I still like to keep some length but I usually get some layers in my crown before wearing. I just think it looks better but this isn't necessary for everyone.


Euronext Clip-ins

Sally's Euronext Price -18’ $169.00

Hidden Crown takes time to order, color match, and size. There are some salons that will do this for you and Hidden Crown does have a list of available salons on their website. There are several salons in Nashville that offer this service. This will add on to the cost with a nice little service charge. If you are familiar with working with hair extensions it is pretty easy. I can color match my own hair pretty easily after years of getting my hair colored and wearing extensions. Hidden Crown will also help color match if you email them with a pic. They send an alternative similar color swatch as well with the package. You are able to send back if you're not happy with the hair and they make it very easy to exchange. You do have to pay for shipping and they offer rush shipping once processed. Again though if you are really going to invest in good extensions this isn't too much in my opinion, If you want a salon to do this they can easily do it but it is quite a bit more expensive. While it is more expensive to me it's still easier than getting the 6-week maintenance on salon-style extensions, the price initially and every 6 weeks, not to mention the damage to your hair. The halo will last you a year and a half to three years if taken care of properly. My first halo was going pretty strong at a year and a half but I somehow lost that one. I don't usually wear my extensions daily so that is worth noting. I will typically wear them on the weekend, any trips, or if I’m just getting dressed up. These are real remi hair with great quality. You can wash them and treat them like normal hair. I do tend to treat mine very gentle and only wash when needed. I try to use very little hair product but hairspray is always needed lightly. The only negative here is that you cant just go into the store and pick out your hair. Even with the clip-ins though I feel like they still need a trim before they look decent so they have some downtime with me anyway. Another plus is they now send you a nice bag to store with a hanger to hang your extensions and store properly. Huge plus and you won't have to buy the cotton bag to store your extensions in, Most don't come with the hanger. This little invention is magic.

Sally’s Euronext  Clip-ins Hair Extensions
The best thing about these extensions is the easy access. Once you purchase extensions at Sally's they are a final sale and cannot be returned so be sure to color match well while in the store. I wouldn't recommend coloring these extensions as they are already pretty frail. There have been many times when I run and get mine last minute for an event. I think the quality has gone down over the last few years. They are very thin and only last 6 months if you are lucky. If you prefer clip-ins over a halo I would suggest looking into a better company online that offers more grams/weight. They all shed and the thinner they are the quicker they will fade and you are left with thin uneven fried looking ends. I always get them trimmed and try to brush them gently and keep them stored in a nice kit or bag. You can treat them the same also but I would only wash as needed and be sure to use a great conditioner on these. Clip-ins are generally better for updo's in my opinion and that is a pro along with easy access, however, the quality and price point easily kill that to me. You will end up spending the same amount of money after two sets within one year.


Hidden Crown-140 grams with thick ends and double drawn.

Sally’s Euronext brand-80 grams with 8 clip in pieces. These pieces typically need to be layered on your scalp and are all different lengths.

Overall opinion
I do see the benefit for some ladies to get the clip ins from Sally's but I'll tell you its so much better to save your money if you can and try the halo. You won't regret it. I do still have a pair of clip ins that I've worn maybe three times for updo's. You can wear the halo for updo's but I don't like the feel of it. You can see pictures of me wearing my halo religiously on all my social media pages. I even wore the halo on my wedding day and had two different styles. Hidden Crown truly has made a product that is so easy and versatile for everyone, best of all it leaves no damage to your hair. That's a win-win for me. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried a halo or if you are getting ready to try one soon. I have a link below for you all.

Update- I've been using the Long Sexy Hair products to care for all my extensions and thought I would share. If you are looking for a shampoo/conditioner to keep your extensions healthier and longer consider trying this product. It has worked great for me. You're welcome ladies!
Photo from Pinterest and Lush to Blush

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