Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Wishlist 17'

So we are halfway through the summer and I am struggling to keep up with all the events going on this year. Between all the wedding festivities, holidays, traveling, etc  I'm so behind. While packing and hopping to place to place in Canada I've had my eye on a few new items this summer. I also missed the huge Nordstrom sale that opened early  this year and watched all my blogging friends get so many goodies so I have a few items I'm watching. I thought I would share and plant some seeds for Santa also. The sale is on going now and open to everyone. Feel free to add some items in of your favorites. Some of these are cheap, some are a little pricier. Ill be linking it all as well and I have a few discount codes for you too. 
  • Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Neverful Bag-$1,260.00 

I'm not sure which size I want just yet but I am thinking the classic monogram over damier as I have a few of those in white and brown and I want a different classic look. I also want something I can use every day, traveling, and for work. I hate using my speedies or others for work because I feel like they get beat up a little too much for  designer purses. I haven't gotten one in years so I'm looking forward to that brand-new leather smell and purchasing one. Louis Vuitton never has sales on their products because they don't have to but this purse will last forever and if you decide to sell later you get most of your money back. I always say it's an investment. I would much rather spend my money on a purse that will always be in style, always be in a good shape, and a vintage at some point than spending a few hundred here and there on a cheaper bag that will go in the trash a year later. No thank you but that's just me. You can buy them in good shape at consignment stores or online sometimes but you have to be very careful and get the purse authenticated. There's several ways to do so and it's an easy google search if you need help. I have gotten a knock off wallet in New York for a gf in China Town once that she wanted and I will say it's very hard to tell the difference but there is one. I compared mine to hers and it was very close. I do not recommend buying knock offs in any way. Tell your husband it's like buying a tv but the purse will last longer than the tv! Works for me sometimes. ;) 
Link to shop- 

  • Tori Burch Sandals -$195 

It's so hard for me to suck it up and pay this much for sandals but I love them and they go with everything. I had a pair of the black slip ons and my rescue pup decided to chew them up (gulp) so I'm dying for a new pair! This color also goes with everything in my opinion. 
Shop the Nordstrom sale here- 
  • Black distressed skinnies - on sale for $26.00 

I have one boutique I have been loving and they have anything you want for the basics and then some. I get all my shinny jeans, body suit tanks, and some accessories here. You might have seen an awesome donut towel on my Instagram feed lately and it came from this boutique. You can use my discount code Tabitha10 for 10% off your entire order at checkout and if you follow them on Instagram and Facebook they have weekly specials and sales.  
  • Body suit tank tops-$26.00 

I can never have enough of these body suits. I pair them with skinny jeans and some accessories and go. I'm always on the lookout for more and in every color. I also get these from the boutique above. 
  • Sun Hats 

These vary in prices but I'm always loving hats and try to buy one new floppy hat every now and then and these hats are so trendy right now. The tassels and the floppy DO NOT DISTURB really have my attention. I recently got a new blue and white stripe one that I'm going to be wearing to the beach soon. Use my discount code Blondedlights at checkout to get 20% off your entire order! This company also has great sales and deals from time to time. 
  • Sunglasses  

These glasses also vary in prices but I've gotten two pairs from this same company with the bar across the front in rose gold and the plain, but I'm thinking these above for my next purchase. Remember you can use the same code as well for a great discount at checkout-Blondedlights 
  • Phone case 

I've been stalking this website and they are currently offering 40% off custom phone cases, ipad cases, and computer cases. You can custom design your own and get thin, thick, and even add your own monogram or initial. I'll be getting the pineapple or marble case asap. 
Use discount codeNPPC47 at checkout to get the 40% off. 

  • Daniel Wellingon Classic Petite Melrose -$179 
I've had my eye on this brand for a while and will get one eventually. I'm still loving my newest leather one from Kaville life and Michael Kors but this one is so pretty and I love it. I'm trying to get away from Michael Kors lately and this brand somehow got my attention then became one of my favorite designers. 
  • Workout Gear from has the best deals and cutest items on sale from my favorite online boutiques and etsy. I've linked a few items I am looking at right now. I'm trying to get back in shape after our two-week Canada trip and workout clothes always help me but I hate dropping tons of money on Lulu or Nike. I usually get my name brand workout items at outlet stores like TJ Max, Marshalls, and Ross. I'm loving bigger tanks and the cute sport bras with padding in them. I will buy a pair of Nikes or what have you occasionally when I need them and I usually go with a black or grey color to make sure they last longer and they stay clean easier. I hate buying tennis shoes..... 
  • Nike Free Run Flyknit 2 Running Shoe-$120 
Like I said I hate buying tennis shoes just because they last me so long and I usually get black so they match everything. However, I've been seeing a lot of my blogging gals rocking their pretty workout gear so it motivates me to get a little more creative with my workout attire. I did get my black Nikes as a Christmas gift just like the ones below and they are super comfortable.  
  • Faux Leather Sling Backpack-$59 

I've been eyeing these bags since before the husband and I went to Canada for two weeks and I totally needed it but I couldn't find one to fit my taste. I noticed this one with all the Nordstrom sale post going up and its actually still in stock. This would have come in handy when we were on the go in the small towns during the day then hiking the mountains. He kept us so busy and I had to have an extra pair of clothes in the car because you never know what the weather is going to be like. Sometimes it's hot sometimes its freezing. I swear it was like LA weather but super nice. 
All together these are the items on my watch and wish list. I'm always waiting for sales and deals. Let me know if you have any favorites or deals below.  
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