Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Favorites

With the new fall season there come new pieces in our wardrobe, with anything and everything pumpkin flavored. Fall has always been my favorite season for multiple reasons. My birthday is in October, Halloween, all the festivals and the weather. The new seasons come with transition pieces too which I'm all about.  I always have a sweater, cardigan, or light jacket with me at all times no matter the season.  I am that basic blonde girl who loves everything pumpkin besides the pumpkin coffee.. weird I know. I've been burning the pumpkin candles since September 1st and got my fall decor out as well. Let's get right to it, I'm going to list all the items I'm loving or wanting.  
Groupdealz has been a favorite lately because they offer boutique items and decor for a steal. They have random sales so you have to check back every week but I'm pretty obsessed. Check them out here and use my coupon code SEPT10 at checkout to get 10% off.  
This little poncho cardigan looks great over anything paired with some jeans. You will be seeing a lot of this piece especially when the husband and I make our upcoming trips. They love the flannel and denim tuxedos... :)  
Softest Knit Cocoon Cardigan - 3 Colors! 
Let's get to that casual day or workout look. These knit shoes have been floating around all over my Instagram feed so I had to get a pair. I chose the pink pair because I needed some color in my life.  You will have to check back later as these sold out quickly but they seem to rotate all the deals pretty frequently I've noticed. 

I'm loving these under garments for those days I need something strapless or no bra lines. These little sticky bras with the added string give great coverage.  
Adhesive Padded Butterfly Bra | Size A-D | 2 Colors 

I'm also all about this pair of boots in all shades. I need the black pair next! 

I ran across a new boutique called Strut25 located in Nashville. We all know how trendy suede is right now and I'm loving the tan skirt and berry colored dress. It goes without saying that I always have some kind of romper in my closet for all seasons.  I recently wore the black romper below to a wedding in New Orleans and I absolutely loved how fitted it was yet comfortable at the same time. 

Use code BLONDEDBYTHELIGHT10 for another discount at checkout. 
Let's talk Makeup and all the shades/tones that come with fall. I just posted my makeup routine and linked all my favorites. You can find those items here.
Makeup Routine and Favorites

  I love new necklaces for every season and the tassel necklaces are so trendy right now. I found this little shop on Etsy. They are ran by two lovely ladies and I just love their style. If you're a mommy be sure to check out the cute products for your littles.  

  Wild Juniper 

Every female I know has a stash of chokers right now and I cant say that I'm not any different. I did find this cute company that makes unique items and I'm loving this black one with pearls.   "Tyes by Tara" sent me a darling little choker with the prettiest details. They are handmade and come with sweet little ribbons that tie in the back. They have several designs but I love the bridal section as I have had my eye on a few bridal things this past year and I just love the quality from this brand. The packaging and personalized note makes it that much more charming. I will be making several more purchases from this lovey shop. 

What are some of your fall favorites or staples? Let me know in the comments below.  

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Disclosure: Some of these products have been sent to me complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Everyday Makeup Routine

    I thought I would share a few of my products and tricks I've learned over the years so here it goes. I usually stick to the same staples in my bag once I find something that works. I pick up my makeup brushes here and there when needed or will add something occasionally but a lot of items end up in my "other" makeup stash in my bathroom closet or under the cabinet. I also have some makeup that comes out for special occasions or for a more dramatic look. I'm going to list my basics and my everyday look or what I wear on the weekends or even on vacation. Below I will explain just how I get my makeup look in 13 easy steps. 

Step 1.  I start out with moisturizer because I have pretty dry skin. We all know your skin is pretty much the canvas beneath the makeup and this first step makes a huge difference for me.  I have several I rotate but right now I use a deep one as my skin is pretty thirsty lately. I do have a few lighter day ones I use as well.  
Step 2. Primer- Once my moisturizer is dry I then put on my primer from Smashbox. This is by far my favorite I have tried. It seems to smooth everything out and give me that dewy look I want. I let that dry and usually pin my hair up. 

Step 3. Application- I try to get my makeup brushes out and ready to go so I grab my foundation brush and start with my Nars foundation or for a lighter look the Wet n Wild foundation which I love for multiple reasons. It gives great coverage and very affordable. Some people start with eyes first. While I do this sometimes I don't typically do it every day with a basic clean look.  

Step 4. I use my sponge to apply my concealer and I try to wet my sponge a tiny bit.  This step makes a huge difference as a dry sponge just doesn't do the same. 

Step 5. I apply the IT Cosometics setting  powder to set my concealer and I usually will let that bake before applying powder all over and blending. I then move on to my eyes. Anything that leaves residue will usually come off with the excess powder once I clean it up.  

Step 6. Eyeshadow. This little palette seems to fit my taste for most looks and seasons so I usually go for the blending color and some sort of base. If I want to get crazy Ill add a little color to the outer corners. 

Step 7. Eyeliner. This is pretty self-explanatory. I clearly love NYX products and this product seems to be the most affordable and last the longest for me. I will add a darker shade with a tight line for liner on my lower lids after I'm done with power and blending.  

Step 8. Contour, bronzer, blush, highlighter.  I love my IT- cosmetics contour, blush, and highlighter. I use a contour brush sometimes than others just a normal brush blush or whatever I can find.  

Step 9. BLEND -This should go without saying but I hate harsh lines with contour and blush. For the love of makeup please blend your foundation down your neck. Nothing screams terrible makeup like that cakey line on the neck. Don't forget to blend that eyeshadow with a blending shade. Another pet peeve of mine is seeing harsh lines or messy eyeshadow. Use the tape if you have to or just keep it super clean.  
Step 10. Eyelashes- I use the curler and then apply mascara. I have had this same curler for years and I'm a die-hard fan of my Loreal mascara. It beats all the others and it's easier on the wallet.  


Step 11. Eyebrows- I use both the pencil and the pomade but this part takes practice. If you need just the basics I would go with the pencil. It's taken me years to get decent at this part but I think it's my favorite.
                                              Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Wiz' Mechanical Brow Pencil

Step 12. Lips- I'm pretty into the nudes and mattes these day and this one is one of my favorites. Do you see a pattern here with NYX? 
                                                                                                 Nyx Matte Lipstick
Step 13- Set everything with setting spray, let dry and all done.  


Some days I'll skip eyeshadow and eye-liner, sometimes I skip highlighter, it's all just according to what I have going on that day. I'll occasionally add some eyelashes as well but I'm not going to include that on my daily. What are some of your staples that I should try? 

I have linked everything for you ladies below:

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