Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Life lately

It's been a while since my last blog post so I'm popping on here to give an update on life. Since my last post we have sold our house, moved, had another baby- Miss Sloane Grace, hubs had a career change, moved again, Weston started pre-school, took both kiddos on their first trip to Canada,etc. Lots of things. The biggest thing is having two littles and adjusting to that lifestyle. I had a traumatic birth experience with Sloane having emergency surgery after giving birth but we made it, we just had a harder recovery time after. It's taken me a good year to get back to feeling normal again. I do not recommend moving at all while 8 months pregnant (and during a heat wave) or with a new baby- not easy. It can be hard at times but so so full of love. On the hard days, I tell myself one day my holiday dining table will be filled with even more love and joy.

We just celebrated Weston's 4th birthday and Sloane's 1st. They are exactly three years and one week apart. They had a joint birthday party since they are so close together. I wasn't about to throw two birthday parties back to back however I'm not sure if I'll continue that route but we shall see. We are still waiting on the photos from the photographer so I'll have more photos later for their sweet joint birthday party.

I've also started my little balloon decor company T&T Designs. That's the biggest life update and partly why I'm here honestly (hello seo marketing) iykyk. I love having this platform to look at for memories as well. I'll be doing some minor maintenance work on this blog page as it's still in 2021 mode. :)
One day while at home with kiddos I was doing a mock-up of balloons for a photoshoot and had the idea why don't I just play with this idea for a business? I see other moms doing it so why not. It's the perfect side gig in between hubs schedule and the kid's schedule. I can also do it at home for the most part beyond 1-2 hours setting up on the job site. So I thought I'd probably need some help on this and asked my gf Taylor if she wanted to team up so then the name T&T Designs came to mind- Tabitha and Taylor Designs. From there I made a logo design, business card, marketing material, email, and ig account. Here we are 4 months later and 15 plus jobs under us and many more scheduled out for the year. My goal for the first year was to have 20 jobs under me and it looks like I'm going to pass that goal and I'm thrilled to do so. This is just a side hobby but something I truly enjoy and it does bring in a nice little passive income.

I work part time from home since having kids but I've always been pretty creative. If you know me you know I thrive when asked to help with any party or holiday decor. Christmas is my Superbowl and starts in November for me. I love decorating, baking cookies, making things, DIY projects, and so on. I'm 100 percent that Pinterest mom but with all the choaos that come with adhd. This was the perfect next step for the current stage I'm in with the kiddos. I can't stand to sit still (adhd). With that being said I have this platform I've built over the years blogging and now with this new project I thought I would combine the two.

There are a million options for balloon vendors in Nashville so for every client I have that books with me I am forever grateful and try to go above and beyond on every single install. I'm working hard every day on marketing ideas and networking within my little circle in Nashville. A lot of recent work is referrals and again forever grateful for every single one. Here are a few pics of my recent work.

As far as pricing information- if you are in the Nashville area and would like to know more send me a message at ttdesigns2023@gmail.com. I have a few options for pricing and budgets. For the more budget-friendly peeps, I have the grab and go and that's exactly what it sounds like. I make the garland for you- you pick it up and I give you tools and instructions to hang it. The other options are more personalized with set up and delivery- basic packages start at $200 for a 10ft Garland. I also have several backdrop rentals available from arches to greenery boxwood backdrops.
If you have any ideas it's best to send an inpso photo and budget needs then we can go from there. You can follow along on Instagram here- https://www.instagram.com/ttdesigns2023/

Yelp account- https://www.yelp.com/biz/tt-designs-nashville


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