Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Jord Watch Review

When JORD watches approached me to do an unbiased review of one of their watches I was honestly delighted at the opportunity. You may have seen my JORD Wood Watch on my Instagram lately if you follow me. JORD has given me the opportunity to give away a great discount on their watches and a giveaway for the holidays. Keep Reading to get the details on this watch and what I honestly think...

 Again, if you have been following me for a while you will likely see my love for watches. I love them all and I usually have a watch on at all times. Casual or glammed up I have a watch on. One of my favorite parts of the watch is the size of the face. JORD is a Swedish word meaning earth, soil or land, so highlighting natural elements is a defined priority of the brand. Some of the most sustainable-harvested woods used to create the watches include bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, and teak. I decided to go with a darker larger watch this time around and I wanted something different than what I've seen floating around lately. These watches are ever so popular in my little blogging world. I typically see the lighter wood watches when scrolling through my feed. A little bonus: the glass is scratch-proof! This is huge for me because it's not uncommon for me for throw my watch in my purse while traveling or on the go.

Styled with the Frankie watch 

Jord watches come in a series of wood colors and styles, with several options to choose from. The prices are anywhere from $139 and up. The cost of my Frankie wood watch: $189
My watch

 This watch isn't one you can go swimming with or even wash your hands with. I've read on other reviews that the wood will expand when wet so it's safe to say keep the watch dry at all times. I'm ok with that one. I usually only get my Michael Kors silver/gold watch wet or what have you. It is made of wood so you will need to keep this watch out of the sun (no tanning). You can keep your watch clean with the cleaner they send and with the cloth that is included.

 My honest review of JORD wood watches:
 Each watch comes with an authenticity card, and a 12-month JORD warranty, which was unexpected and something that many don't come with. I’m happy with my watch selection of the dark stained wood, as opposed to the beautiful green or natural light color that many styles are offered in. It’s very richly colored, but still looks like a luxury watch for $189, this is a great investment if you’re in the market for a watch either for yourself or as a gift. I am now considering getting a few more as gifts for Christmas after looking at the guys selection.

 Check out JORD Wood Watches here! Wood watches

 Jord is currently having a giveaway and giving out 25% off to everyone who enters, be sure to enter below. This link will expire December 19th 2017.
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