Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bridal shower favors

Looking for the perfect bridal shower favor?  I'm recently married (three days in) and I have had my eyes on a few over the past few weeks. I purchased some personalized chapstick from Etsy for my own bridal shower. Another favorite I used to ask my bridesmaids and maid of honor to be in my wedding was koozies. I made my own personal cards like the ones you find on Etsy for much cheaper.. I just had to get creative and use Microsoft word and some cool paper and card stock I had.I am currently making some favors for our rehearsal dinner with candies and mesh organza bags then adding tags. We are also doing koozies as a wedding favor for our guest. I've rounded up my top 10 favorite bridal shower favors to make your search a little easier! I'm loving everything from personalized stemless wine glasses to affordable snacks and candies. See below to find what fits your fancy.

“Mint To Be” – what a smart wedding favor ideas. To see more: http://www.modwedding.com/2014/05/12/unique-wedding-favors-ideas/ #wedding #weddings #favor Featured: BabyEssentialsByMel:
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-Want a cheaper option..Try tic tacs and just order some cute labels. Super quick too.
2.Nail polish
Nail polish bridal shower favors.  See more bridal shower favor ideas at www.one-stop-party-ideas.com:
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3.Chapstick (My favorite because its easy and everyone can use this)
unique wedding favor ideas - personalized chapstick:
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4. Koozies (Another favorite I used for Bridesmaids and wedding favors) 
BRIDAL SHOWER GIFT OR FAVOR Black and White Stripes Pink Roses Bridal Shower Can Drink Soda Cooler Koozie Cozie  #bridalshower:
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Deck out your bridal party with these whimsical bridal party sunglasses! Include these ultra-fun shades in your thank you gifts for a beach, outdoor, or destination themed wedding.:
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For lady geast only!  Sorry mom to be..:
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7.Wine glasses
bachelorette party glasses | ... glasses- great for the wedding party, shower or bachelorette party:
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8.Hair Ties (Very affordable)
Personalized Bachelorette Party Favors | Hair Tie Favors | Party Favors | Personalized Favors | to have and to hold your hair back:
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9.Seeds or mini plants

10.Candy or snack (Another option where you can just order some labels and purchase packaging at local stores).
I love these for my bridal shower!:
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All pics are from Pinterest and links are below each item if you would like to view or possibly purchase. 
I would love to know of any other favorites you ladies have or even pics if you have them. I hope this gives you ladies some inspiration. 



  1. These are some really great favir ideas. Absolutely love the hair tie favors. Great article.

  2. Post looks great! I especially like the seed idea. Anything "green" and you got me hooked!

  3. Cute ideas! Love the champs and the hair ties. Perfect for bridesmaids!

  4. Thanks so much Stacie! All girls need those hair ties!