Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hi friends!

Welcome to my first blog post. I've been following blogs for about 5 years and last year after doing some modeling for years, promos here and there, then brand repping I decided to set a goal to have one within a year and well here we are. I also got engaged within this time period so that slowed me down a bit with wedding planning (oops).

My name is Tabitha, I'm a fiancé, daughter, recruiter, animal lover, southern born and raised, engaged to a Canadian who keeps things interesting, and I occasionally love a good football game during the fall.
Some things I love
People in general, my fiancé and family always come first in life. Its not uncommon for me to talk to my cousins, aunts, mom, and mother in law to be on a daily basis.
My Job
I'm a full time recruiter for a financial planning company and I am in charge of doing all the interviews, phone calls,  training, etc. I love my job for many reasons but mainly because of the tools and outlet it gives me to interact with people and learn something new everyday. I am constantly challenged.

-You can find me in target at least once a week for hours. I have one within walking distance to my home with a Starbucks inside so this is an easy time killer for me if I'm bored.
-I like most females love to shop but since I started working in finance I love to save as much as possible so it is likely you will see some money saving tricks if you come back to visit. I find great happiness in finding great deals and saving money. Its almost a game to me. Some favorites of mine are any boutique stores online, TJ Max, Lilly Pulitzer(if on sale) any bikini store, and I will occasionally visit consignment stores for fun.

-I enjoy the occasional arts and crafts project when I have time. I love making something personal for people if I can.

-To do list control my life.

-I hate working out but I see the value in it so I will occasionally do a lazy girl workout... Nothing serious. I tend to workout more when the weather is nice. 

-Animals are everything to me. I have two dogs and one I recently rescued from a kill
Photo credit
-My Fianc'e happens to be amazing at taking pics so I have to give him credit here. He is that guy. 

Favorite Places

I love the beach and have seen and traveled to many in my life so I am now focused more on culture and history when I travel. I prefer to visit somewhere I have never been. I love getting new stamps in my passport. I wouldn't  say I'm an avid traveler but I love to go a couple times a year and visit at least one new country. That is my goal at least. If I can get some history, shopping, and sun in one trip I am a happy girl. I have been visiting Canada more often in the past two years so I get my fair share of the cold and snow but I do love it. I'm very fortunate to get to visit different coast and areas thanks to my fiancé. I have grown to love the mountains and snow since Scott and I started dating.. (more on that later).
 My why
This site is just a place for me to share and interact with like minded people. Even if you stop by just to look you are doing me a favor. Feel free to comment like or share if you want. I will be talking about my F*A*V*O*R*I*T*E*S, everything going on right now with wedding planning, some LIGHT politics, money saving tricks, and I might even talk about my life during college and my orange shorts experience. We shall see. :) I look forward to sharing it with you.



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  3. Can't wait to follow your journey!

  4. Congrats on your wedding the pics were amazing you looked beautiful. I enjoyed reading your 1at blog you did great.

    1. Thanks so much Sherry! I'm trying to get as many post up as possible during all this wedding fun! Just posted a new one today! Thanks again.

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